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August 1st, 2015 marked our 11th year in business !
OVER 25 THOUSAND headlight lenses serviced in that time.

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 "We light up YOUR night !"

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 The combination of the protective coating deteriorating and the oxidizing bare plastic produces the yellowed, hazy, and mottled look that results in the headlight beam being DIFFUSED into a glow instead of a bright controlled beam.

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WHY use AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration service ?

 It’s been a hectic Friday at work and you are finally headed home after 3 hours of overtime. The sun has long gone down as you travel through the city lights towards home in the darker suburbs. While driving on the dark road you suddenly realize you can barely see the unlit road ahead. You haven’t needed to drive at night for quite a while so you think that either your eyesight has deteriorated severely or your headlights have quit working.

  The next day you have assured yourself that your eyes are okay so you stop by your favorite auto repair shop and ask the technician to check out your headlights. He says they are working fine but that the lenses are so clouded and hazy that no light can get through. He tells you that the price of brand new units are way over $200 each and that used units will have the same hazy surface, but that there IS an alternative. Restoration of the headlight lens surface by a professional Headlight Lens Restoration technician. “It’s inexpensive, very effective, is guaranteed for 1 year, and they are mobile so they come to wherever your vehicle is.” He then gives you the contact information for AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration at 208-695-1072.

  When the headlight lenses are made, the factory applies a harder protective coating to the outside surface of the lens. This protective coating lessens wear on the lens surface from sand and dust abrasion and from plastic deterioration from the sun’s UV’s thus extending the useable life of the lens. Over time and exposure to the elements, this protective coating breaks down and in many cases disappears all together, exposing the plastic lens to oxidize. The combination of the protective coating deteriorating and the oxidizing plastic produces the yellowed, hazy, and mottled look that results in the headlight beam being DIFFUSED into a glow instead of a bright controlled beam. This is an unsafe condition for the driver of the vehicle with hazy lenses, but also hazardous to those coming at you in night time driving. You cannot adequately see the road ahead so you run on high beams and this in turn blinds oncoming drivers as they looking into a bright blinding glow.

  Many vehicles are driven on gravel roads and their headlight lens can become rock pitted before the factory coating breaks down. That pitting can also severely diffuse the light beam as well. The new clear coat that AUTO OPTICS applies will also effectively fill these pits and eliminate the unsightly and unsafe rock pitting.

  No vehicle produced today or the last 20 years equipped with plastic headlight lenses is immune to yellowing, hazing, or rock pitting. Whether very high end sports and luxury cars to basic transportation and pickups, from over the road semis to delivery vans, all are susceptible to these hazards. AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration gives you an effective and inexpensive alternative instead of replacing your units with very expensive new ones. New units can cost several hundred dollars while restoration will be but a fraction of that.       

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  If you are a customer of AUTO OPTICS, past or present, please visit our Testimonials page and leave a word or two about your experience with AUTO OPTICS. Good or bad we appreciate your input, please just be civil !

  5-19-10   Dwaine,  Excellent work !  I honestly didn't think anything could clear up those old foggy headlight lenses - but now they look good as new thanks to your professional service. My daughter is thrilled with how they turned out. We both thank you for a wonderful job ! 

                                                                                      G. W.  Boise, Idaho



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