AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

"We light up your night !"

AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration.

 In 10 years in business in the Treasure Valley, we have restored over 23,000 headlight lenses. We are the oldest, most recognized, reliable, professional, affordable and experienced service of this kind in Boise and the surrounding areas.

New headlight assemblies can cost from $200 each to over $400 each. AUTO OPTICS can RESTORE your headlight lenses for $35 to $65 a PAIR. RESTORE at a FRACTION of replace.

Yellowed, hazy, sandblasted headlight lenses prohibit maximum headlight beam effectiveness by 90% !!     

"We light up your night "

AUTO OPTICS is a mobile service.

Call 208-695-1072 for an appointment.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are also available for your student or fixed income driver. Many elderly drivers stop driving at night because they cannot see the road. Check the lenses on their car for yellowing or haziness. This is probably the reason they can't see the dark road.

         ******* 'Give the gift of LIGHT and FREEDOM' ******


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 A very familiar sight around the Treasure Valley since 2004






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