AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

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Customer endorsements

Quotes We've been having Dwaine come and clean up the headlights on our cars on our carlot for quite a while now.His workmanship is excellent and it really makes a difference when your showing your cars.Dwaine is very reliable and does a great job.You won't need to go anywhere else,call Dwaine. Darrell Groves Hawkes Motors Quotes
Darrell Groves
Office and Recon Manager

Quotes Service-Excellent Response time- Excellent Tech/Customer interaction - Excellent Overall Results - Excellent GREAT JOB !! THANKS Quotes
'04 Honda Civic

Quotes Dwaine came highly recommended by Hurless Brothers, and rightfully so. I was extremely impressed by his professionalism, response time, and quality of work. Thanks again ! Quotes
K. N. / Boise

Quotes Dwaine started restoring lights for us several years ago. Our customers love the work he has done. I have had him refinish both of my vehicles. Thank you Dwaine and good luck in 2011. Quotes
Jeremy Knopp (Eurosport)

Quotes Here at Michael's Automotive we highly recommend Dwaine to all of our customers that need head lamps refinished. His quick, high quality service, as well as fair and honest pricing insure that he will continue to get repeat business from us. Quotes
Michael's Automotive Services

Quotes Here at Oasis Auto , Dwaine has been coming by and doing our headlights every week or so for several years . It makes a big difference in the appearance ( and safety ) of the cars purchased by our customers . We also have him do headlights for our some of our shop customers . Quotes
President Oasis Auto

Quotes THANK YOU DWAINE! I called this week to see what new headlights would cost for my new (to me!) BMW and found out it was over $700! I immediately found a better solution with Dwaine. He came out within 30 minutes of me calling! What customer service! I was so happy I sent him over to do my husband's Expedition. Terrific results as well. Made my used vehicles look new again! Thanks again, Dwaine! Quotes

Quotes WOW is about all I could say when Dwaine finished doing his magic to my headlights. I had already tried an over-the-counter polish to restore them but was very disappointed in the result. Dwaine has now saved me the time and trouble of getting new covers and it was well-worth the reasonable cost of the service. The headlight covers truly look brand new, and I am sure will now outlast the car! Thanks Dwaine! Quotes
road trip queen!