AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

"We light up your night !"


Auto Optics DIY kit for one vehicle AO-1


 Everything is included to restore the headlight lenses of 1 to 3  vehicles depending on lens size. We use exactly the same items and product in our mobile headlight lens restoration business.

NO power tools needed !

  Using this kit, you should be able to perform the entire operation in about one hour and end up with CLEAR headlight lenses. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY !

 'Rural postal carriers' and 'over the road truckers' would benefit GREATLY from using one of these kits !

  This kit will restore the headlight lenses of 1 to 3 vehicles depending on the lens size.

  Volvo semi trucks will take one kit per side/2 total.

Please revisit this website and leave some feedback on your headlight lens restoration experience.

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