AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

"We light up your night !"

 Here are the basic set up and layout for the Field Kit

 This is my personal kit that I've used for about 7 years.

 Note that the placement of everything makes efficient use of space and movements.

  The old credit card is for lightly scraping foreign matter off the lens. The Kim Wipes are ONLY for application of the #2 cleaner. You don't need very much to properly do the job. Then use a clean paper towel section to dry off the #2 cleaner residue.



The Brush Bottle;  this is so you can store the foam brush in an airtight container between vehicles. After clipping the clothes pin to the handle, install lid and then pull the brush handle up into the bottom of the lid, sealing off the hole with the brush foam. In the heat of the summer, this allows you to use 1-2 brushes a day instead of 1 per vehicle. In 60 degrees or cooler, I use 1 brush all day.



  The #2 and #3 application bottle spout cap and metal cap setup; You'll install and leave on the spout cap on the small #2 and large #3 during the day that you are actively restoring lenses. INSTALL THE METAL CAPS at the end of the day ! The pockets are for storing each bottle's caps that aren't being used. DO NOT cross contaminate the bottles by installing the wrong cap. KEEP THE CAPS DEDICATED for each bottle. The small#2 is so you don't have to handle the larger #2 main bottle. The #2 Cleaner is a very fast evaporating product and you do NOT need very much to clean the lens properly.



  #2 and #3 spout cap storage while using the #2 or #3 product. This is so you don't drop and or lose that little red cap thus wasting time and effort looking for it ! KEEP THE RED CAP ON unless you are using THAT product. All three liquids are solvent based and WILL EVAPORATE if not kept capped.



   The cleaning towel clip setup. Just clip this to the top of your pants pocket so you have the main cleaning towel with you right at your finger tips. The main towel will be used to clean off the lens in between sandpaper grits. The wash cloths are for final cleaning of the headlight and surrounding body work before you #2 - #3 the lens. This is also where the air pump and bristle brush come in. The pump to blow out any water/solvent from around the edges of the lens, and the brush to clean out any debris from around the edges. NOTE; Wrap the metal part of the detail brush with several layers of blue tape so you don't scratch paint or chrome during use.



   Sandpaper setup;  I don't completely close the sandpaper drawer as it's a pain to unclip it every time you need to open it. Besides, the folded papers in the center section will get all crushed up if you close the drawer completely.

  Remember to fold the sandpapers in 3rds. If you fold it in 4ths, you have 2 sides that are wearing each other out thus rendering them useless.




  WEAR THE GLOVES during the whole process as the sandpaper WILL wear out your fingertips !  They will also protect your skin from drying out and give you better grip while sanding.


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