AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

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How to restore your headlight lenses;

   In the photo below, Notice the lighter colored area, this is the remaining deteriorated factory clear coat which has become porous and cloudy. The darker area in the top of the lens is bare plastic and is oxidized. The old clear coat must be removed starting with 400 grit paper using the RED # 1 SANDING SOLVENT. USE LIBERALLY keeping the area WET. Also note the masking tape applied to the surrounding body work. This is needed to protect paint and or chrome from being scratched during the sanding process.

    You only use the 400 grit to carefully remove the clear coat ONLY. DO NOT sand into the plastic lens any more than it takes to remove the clear coat !

  This photo shows the lens AFTER sanding with the 400 grit


Following the WET 400, wet sand next with 1000 grit, then 2000 grit and finishing up with 3000 grit.

  NOTE!    Wipe dry with a clean paper towel BETWEEN grits.


   This photo shows the lens AFTER sanding with 3000 grit 

   When you are finished with the sanding process use the BLUE # 2 cleaner on a DRY paper towel to remove sanding solvent residue, which will assure that the final # 3 clear coat will adhere to the lens material.

 NOTE* also wipe off the #2 CLEANER residue with a dry paper towel. Any solvent or cleaner residue left on the lens will prohibit  the clear coat from bonding to the lens.

  Using the supplied foam brush, load the TIP of the brush on both sides with # 3 Poly coat. You want to really soak it good to the point of almost running during application.
  First, coat the edges of the lens and around any ?indexing pins?. Then reload the brush and make one swipe across the top of the lens. Load the brush and make single swipes across the lens  and load / swipe / load / swipe till you have covered the lens.

  Finish with LIGHT top to bottom swipes to cancel out any dry spots. You only have about 2 minutes to make any adjustments or smooth out any sags or runs before it starts setting up.


DO NOT EXPOSE TO RAIN, SNOW or CAR WASH for 3 hours after application

DO NOT apply in windy conditions as flying dust and debris may stick on the clear coat.

    The below photo shows the lens AFTER application or our #3 poly clear coat.



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The proper way to tape off the surrounding area to prevent scratching accidents. REMEMBER, TAPE is cheap compared to repairing scratches in paint or chrome.






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