AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration

"We light up your night !"

 Become and Independent Business owner !

  Add to your income as a part time business or work it full time !

  College students can literally work your way through college Restoring Headlight Lenses. Build the business and take it with you when you graduate or sell it to an incoming student as a working business.

   Military personnel can work this business for extra income no matter where in the world you are stationed.

   Freshly discharged and no job ? Make your OWN job with this lucrative business!

  Full time RVer's can work your way around the country, stopping at small rural towns, hooking up with a local repair shop and camp out for a week or two providing a service not seen but badly needed.


  AUTO OPTICS Headlight Lens Restoration offers an Independent Business Owner package that includes all the supplies, tools, technical support, training aids and sales literature needed to start and build your business. Included is over the phone coaching as needed, updates on tips, specific year-make-model issues and problem solving, ongoing technical support, advise on free or low cost advertising, online ordering of replenishment supplies and tools, and much more.


  YOU benefit from our 8+ years of experience and the restoration of over 21 THOUSAND headlight lenses using this very same system and product.

  The average supplies cost per vehicle is very minimal with retail charges ranging from $45 to $75 per vehicle. Time per vehicle once you are trained and experienced is 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the vehicle. A very good profit margin !   We claim NO guaranteed amount of profit any individual can make using our product and IBO package.  It is up to YOU on how hard and smart you work as to how much money you make.

  We've priced this IBO package at a very reasonable one time cost of $450.00. There are no hidden costs or extra charges for any technical support. Your only recurring costs are for replenishment supplies as needed.



Call 208-695-1072 for more details




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